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Advanced HD Camera  Jetson Nano Jetbot AI robot
  • Advanced HD Camera  Jetson Nano Jetbot AI robot

#4240: Advanced HD Camera Jetson Nano Jetbot AI robot


  • 【Note: The Jetson Nano motherboard is not included in the package. Without it you cannot complete this project.The Jstson Nano board need another USD125 】
  • Jetbot robot is a DIY multi-function tank AI education robot based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano. Robot combine with Jetson Nano to truly lower the threshold of artificial intelligence, which make A.I interesting, more suitable for learning and competition.
  • Jetbot has 3-dimensional camera head, which realizes up and down, left and right, front and rear control of the 800w HD camera, real-time video transmission, and obtains the first perspective of the lens.
  • If the Jetbot robot's autopilot, object tracking, face recognition, color tracking, edge detection, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions can be fully utilized, your competition is very exciting and your partner will cheer for Jetbot.
  • Offers 31 full open source code:You can implement all the functions of the robot based on the step-by-step course materials provided by Yahboom. However, this is a programmable robot car customized for teenagers over 18+. We recommend Jetbot to the customer who have LINUX Knowledge .
  • High-quality matte aluminum body, strong and wearable; with 2 high-brightness seven-color LED strips for cool lighting in dark environments; Yahboom provides installation video that you can install quickly and easily.

Product Details

  1. Based on NVIDIA JEtsON NANO, learning AI Smart Technology in deep.
  2. A technological outlook and unique mechanical structure that can be easily assembled.
  3. 3-degrees of freedom lifting platform and 8 million HD camera, real-time video transmission.
  4. It can realize functions such as Autopilot, Object Tracking, Face Recognition, Color Tracking, Edge Detection and Automatic Avoiding.
  5. High-brightness RGB light strips.


Advanced HD Camera Jetson Nano Jetbot AI robot

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