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Microbit STEM Education  Coding Robot
  • Microbit STEM Education  Coding Robot

#4241: Microbit STEM Education Coding Robot


  • Robot toy car is a collection of BBC micro:bit board, learning kits, and expansion boards, allowing you to learn micro:bit from simplest to more complex,turn ideas into reality and let more children become maker. The vehicle model is small and cute. Most of the parts are connected with screw and a few parts are designed with anti reverse socket, which makes installation simple and safe.
  • Multi-function expansion board with vertical slot structure as chassis of the vehicle, it is equipped with RGB lights, sensors, buzzers, various module interfaces and so on, besides, it can drive 2 DC motors and 3 servos simultaneously.
  • It can be controlled by IR remote control, and APP remote control by Android and iOS.It supports multiple functions: tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, following, light discoloration, singing, playing music, etc. Handle control (please order the handle separately: B07YYFDYW5, the handle also needs a separate micro:bit)
  • ★Note 1: Children without programming foundation need parental support ★ Note 2: You need to prepare micro: bit for yourself. Without micro: bit, the robot can't work properly. You can order micro:bit from ASIN: B07H7YJBMV ★Note 3:The robot kit is not assembled,you need to install it yourself.

Product Details

How to control your micro:bit robot?

Infrared remote control does not work under the sun

In packaging, there is an infrared remote control, which is the simplest way to control. We recommend that you use Yahboom's mobile app (supporting Android and iOS). Of course, you can also choose Yahboom's micro: bit robot handle.

Packing list:(micro:bit not include)

1 x breakout 1 x vertical ultrasonic sensor(Include cable) 2 x motor 1 x acrylic board for ultrasonic sensor 4 x wheel 2 x track 1 x metal stand 1 x micro USB cable 1 x Infrared remote control 1 x screwdriver 4 x M3*40 copper pillar 2 x bracket 1 x Li-po battery 2x magic sticker 1 x instruction manual 2 x motor bracket n x screw & nut 1 x map 1 x top-grade packing box


Microbit STEM Education Coding Robot

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