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 Arduino 4WD Robot
  •  Arduino 4WD Robot

#4242: Arduino 4WD Robot


Arduino Bat Smart Robot is developed with well-known Arduino UNO as the core controller. Using the bat-shape integrated circuit board as chassis, the entire vehicle adopts high-quality rubber tires and an ultrasonic sensor to create a smart robot with bat-like appearance and bat-like ultrasonic positioning system. And it is controlled by an Android mobile APP remote controller connecting with Bluetooth module on the robot. We also offer some courses to help users control the robot by Graphics programming and C language programming. You could have a very good study experience while playing. Whether it is personal learning or education training, this smart robot is applicable.


  • Most of the parts are connected with screws and a few parts are designed with row inserting socket. Each interface corresponds to a socket, not connecting wire one by one, which makes installation simple and creates an exquisite appearance.
  • The robot is designed with intelligent direct charging, controlling the voltage saturation automatically. It ensures the safety and convenience of use.
  • It supports C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly and Scratch 3.0. Whether you are beginners or enthusiasts, it is both applicable.
  • It supports multiple functions: Tracking, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Following, etc.
  • It can be controlled by IR remote control and APP remote control by Android mobile. You can switch modes status at any time, such as remote control mode, obstacle avoidance mode, follow mode, and tracking mode by APP.

Product Details

Package list

UNO R3 board x1   

Robot car chassis x1

Ultrasonic module  x1   

Bluetooth module x1

Gear motor x2   

High-quality car wheel x2

Connection wire x4   

Motor fixing bracket x4

Battery box x1   

3.7V battery x2

Charger x1   

Universal wheel x2

Hardware fitting pack x1   

IR remote control x1

USB cable x1   

Screwdriver x1

Package box x1   

Patrol track map x1



Arduino 4WD Robot

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